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Designed to act as a creative idea company HOONSTUDIO.com

HOONSTUDIO는 제품기획 및 제품디자인, 컨셉디자인, 컨설팅 업무를 수행하는 전문 디자인 스튜디오 입니다. 다양한 경험을 바탕으로 파트너사의 디자인 경쟁력 확보를 통해 비지니스 창출을 달성하는데 그 목적이 있습니다. HOONSTUDIO는 역할을 충실히 수행하고자 새로운 지식과 정보, 시대적 변화에 탄력적으로 수용할 수 있는 감각을 가지고 있습니다. 컨설팅의 효과적 수행을 통해 파트너사에게 새로운 가치를 제시하는 것이 우리의 목표입니다.

HOONSTUDIO the product planning and product design, concept design, to perform consulting work is a professional design studio. The design of a variety of partners based on experience with competitive business justification for the purpose of creation is. Faithfully to perform the role HOONSTUDIO new knowledge and information, and the flexibility to accommodate changing times, has a sense. To perform effectively with consulting partners to provide new value is our goal.

Appliance – 생활가전 디자인 (Home network system, Smart oven, Hurnidifier, Air cleaner, Water Purifier, Water Ionizer, Eectric rice cookers, Electric fan, Dehumidifier…)
Electronics – 전자제품 디자인 (Smart divice, wearable Divice, Mobile divice, Network divice, IP TV, Display, PC, Wireless Network, Navigation, Car blackbox, IP Camera…)
Medical System – 의료기기 디자인 (Remote medical system, Healthcare system, Ultrasound, X-ray, Glucose monitor, Patint Monitor, Obturation Device, Diagnostics…)
industrial & military – 산업용 제품 & 군사용 제품 디자인 (Industrial PDA, POS Terminal, TOD System, Security System, Robot system…)

2024 INSOPACK_Two-Way Radio Design
2024 GODOENG_Firefighter Locator System Design
2024 WOORIBYUL_Security System UI Design

2023 WOORIBYUL_Mine Detector Design
2023 INSOPACK_Android Two-Way Radio Design
2023 DENTIUM_Dental Lighting Design
2023 QUBER_Android QPP Design
2023 ARIBIO_Gamma Frequency Rhythmic Vibroacoustic Device Design

2022 DOWHAT_Hotel Smart Device Design
2023 DENTIUM_Dental Table Design
2022 AFI_Pesticide 40L Drone Design
2022 LG DISPLAY_BARROT(Translator Device) Prototype Design (Microsoft)
2022 AFI_Pesticide 30L Drone Design
2022 QUBER_Smart Order System Design
2022 VENDICT_Air Freshener for Cars Design
2022 LG DISPLAY_Translator UI Design (BARROT)
2022 QUBER_Hospital terminal Design

2021 INSOPACK_Tactical Radio System Design
2021 LG DISPLAY_Concept Design (Display)
2021 STD_Rugged Notebook PC Design
2021 GRAUPNER_RC Charger Design
2021 AFI_Pesticide 60L Drone Design
2021 LG DISPLAY_Translator Display Design (BARROT)
2021 CELLTRIO_Incubator Design
2021 LG DISPLAY_Advance Products Design
2021 ARION_Satellite GPS Messenger Design

2020 SHINHEUNG PRECISION_Heat Detector Design
2020 AFI_Pesticide 30L Drone Design
2020 GODOENG_SAR 360 Camera Design
2020 HANWHA_Electronic Detonator System Design
2020 SHINHEUNG PRECISION_EFT POS Terminal Design (Japan)

2019 PURESPACE_Air Purifier Design
2019 KIST_Silver Care Robot Design
2019 HANWHA_Electronic Detonator Training Kit Design
2019 LG DISPLAY_Presbyopic Curer Design (LINKXWORK)
2019 HIDIASOULTIONS_Home IOT Divice Design
2019 ABLEINC_Prison Visit System Design
2019 SHINHEUNG PRECISION_Mobile POS System Design
2019 HANWHA_Electronic Detonator UI Design
2019 ARIBIO_Vitamin Vending Machine Design

2018 INSOPACK_ANC Headset(Military Spec) Radio Design
2018 HANWHA_Electronic Detonator System Design
2018 YUJIN ROBOT_Silver Care Robot Design
2018 WOORIBYUL_Software UI Design

2017 MANGOSLAB_Mobile Printer Design
2017 MEGAGEN_Dental Chair System Design
2017 YUJIN ROBOT_Social Robot Design

2016 YUJIN ROBOT_Smart Battle Toy App UI Design
2016 LG DISPLAY Art Slim TV Design (CES)
2016 YUJIN ROBOT_Smart Battle Toy Design
2016 LG DISPLAY & COVESTRO_Concept Design
2016 COASIA_DOKICAM Design (360 VR Camera)
2016 GRAPUNER_ALPHA400 Drone Design
2016 GRAPUNER_7inch RC Controller Design
2016 INSOPACK_ANC Headset Radio Design
2016 SHIN HEUNG PRECISION_SAM4S_Titan-100 Stand Design

2015 INSOPACK_Mobile Android Radio Design
2015 LG DISPLAY_Concept Display Design
2015 LG DISPLAY_Slim LCD TV Design
2015 SINDOH TECHNO_Queuing System Design
2015 GRAPUNER_Multicopter Design (ALPHA150, ALPHA120)
2015 HYUNDAI JCOM_Rugged Radio Design
2015 HYUNDAI JCOM_Mobile GPS Recever Design
2015 SHINHEUNG_Mobile Printer F/L Design
2015 INTEL_Education Tablet PC Design
2015 LG DISPLAY_Concept Design
2015 SHINHEUNG_Mobile PDA OEM Model F/L Design
2015 ITRONICS_Car Blackbox GUI Design
2015 TERACLE_3D Glasses Monitor Design
2015 TERACLE_Medical Smart Glasses Design
2015 C2IM_USIM & SD Printer Design
2015 HEBORA_Microphone Earphones Design

2014 ITRONICS_Car Blackbox Design
2014 KIST_ Telepresence Robot Design
2014 GRAUPNER_Hexa Copter Design
2014 C2IM_I-POS Color Sample Design
2014 INSPACE_Smart Plant Sensor Design
2014 SHINHEUNG_MYDUS_Mobile POS Design
2014 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Charger Design
2014 SHINHEUNG_MYDUS_Rugged PDA Design
2014 VEAYWORKS_Dual Display Case Design
2014 GRAUPNER SJ_Multi-Copter Design

2013 WOORIBYUL TELECOM_Team Hand Talkie Design
2013 GRAUPNER SJ_MZ32 RC Controller Design
2013 SUNGWO MOBILE_Smart Car AVN Design
2013 WOORIBYUL TELECOM_DAR System Design (Digital Ad-Hoc Radio)
2013 SAMSUNG THALES_KVMF Terminal Design (Production Stage)
2013 GRAUPNER SJ_Telematics RC Controller Design
2013 SAMSUNG THALES_B2CS Terminal Design (Production Stage)
2013 WOORIBYUL TELECOM_Multi-Hop Module Design
2013 GREENPOWER_All in One Extractor Design
2013 NUGABEST_Mineral ION Water Bottle Design
2013 WILLMED_Dental Chair System Design (Unit Chair)

2012 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Gun-type)
2012 LG HOUSEHOLD & HEALTH CARE_Container Design
2012 SAMSUNG THALES_Hand Talkie Design Proposal
2012 WOONGJINHOLDINGS_Mobile POS System Design
2012 MODACOM WiBro Mobile Router Design Proposal
2012 SAMSUNG THALES_K1-ACTD Terminal Design
2012 SAMSUNG THALES_AFBFCS Terminal Design
2012 CRUCIALTEC_Androio Set-top Box Design Proposal
2012 DAZZL_Smart Cart Design
2012 WOONGJINHOLDINGS_Industrial PDA Design Proposal
2012 KT_Mobile Tablet POS System Design

2011 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Premium model)
2011 SAMSUNG THALES_Z1 Remotely Operatedvehicle Design
2011 SAMSUNG THALES_KVMF Terminal Design
2011 SAMSUNG THALES_TMFT Military Terminal Design
2011 GREE_Air conditioner Design (Outbound to China)
2011 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Stick type)
2011 SAMSUNG THALES_B2CS Car Military Terminal Design
2011 SAMSUNG THALES_B2CS Mobole Military Terminal Design
2011 HANCHANG SYSTEM_RF Dongle & Sign Pad Design
2011 Design Support Project_for Small and Medium Business
2011 CRSC_Mobile Phone Design (GSM 2.8inch)
2011 G-CORE_Golf GPS System Design

2010 SAMSUNG THALES_Proposal for B2CS Project
2010 MYOUNG MOON L·C_ROICHEN Cooking Equipment Design
2010 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Charger Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_12.1 inch Military Terminal Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_15 inch Military Terminal Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_CAS-LRF Design (Model_B)
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_CAS-LRF Design (Model_A)
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_15 inch Military Terminal Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_10.1 inch Military Terminal Design
2010 COMED_CTDS UI & GUI Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_4.8 inch Military Info Terminal Design
2010 SAMSUNG THALES_7 inch Military Info Terminal Design
2010 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Stick type)

2009 BANDO GOLF_CI & BI Design
2009 WIPER BLADE_Extended Head Type Wiper Design
2009 AIDA_Multimedia Mobile Phone Design (Folding Type)
2009 B&L BIOTECH_Condenser Handle Design
2009 G-CORE_GPS Golf Navigation Design
2009 DADAM MICRO_Bukchon Infomation System Design
2009 DAELIM B&Co_Bathroom Digital Hub Design
2009 CAREX_Car Interior Parts Design
2009 MODACOM_WiFi router Design
2009 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Gun type)
2009 MPGIO_MP3 Player Design
2009 MAGNETI MARELLI_4.3inch Navigation Design
2009 B&L BIOTECH_Obturation Device Design
2009 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Gun type)
2009 GRAUPNER SJ_RC Controller Design (Stick type)
2009 IJACK_Bluetooth Headset Design
2009 MODACOM_WiFi router Design
2009 SAMSUNG THALES_TOD System Design
2009 T1 Broadtech_Bank Queuing System Design
2009 T1 Broadtech_counterfeit detector Design
2009 LG Electronic_Water Purifier Design
2009 HANYANG_4.3inch Navigation Design
2009 KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL_Door Handle System Design

2008 MPGIO_4.3inch PMP Design
2008 SEOWON INTEC_Wi-Fi Phone Design
2008 CHEIL Electric_Electrical Wiring Devices Design
2008 LG Electronic_Water Ionizer Design
2008 LG Electronic_Water Purifier Design
2008 SAMSUNG Electronic_-ION Generator Design
2008 SAMSUNG SDI_Digital Frame Design
2008 EAGON_Door Handle Design
2008 FREESAT_Car PMPC Design
2008 HYUNDAI TELECOM_7 inch Wall Pad Design
2008 MPGIO_MP3 Player Design

2007 KB Bank_Digital Card Design (&d Project)
2007 HYUNDAI TELECOM_10.2 inch Wall Pad Design
2007 JCH_Digital Dictionary Design
2007 ATEC_Dual Monitor Design
2007 WOONGJIN ST_Industrial PDA Design (WST-8100)
2007 WOONGJIN ST_POS Terminal Design (WST-7100)
2007 SK Telecom_E-BOOK Design

2006 Pontus_7inch Premium DMB Navigation Design
2006 현대자동차_유럽수출향 클릭 AUDIO 디자인
2006 기아자동차_뉴스포티지 FL AVN 디자인
2006 PONTUS_3.5인치 PORTEBLE 네비게이션 디자인
2006 PONTUS_6.5인치 DMB 네비게이션 디자인
2006 기아자동차_유럽 수출향 모닝 AV시스템 디자인

2005 PONTUS_3.5인치 PMP NAVI 디자인
2005 PONTUS_-ION GPS 시스템 디자인
2005 현대자동차_스타렉스 AV 시스템 디자인
2005 쌍용자동차_렉스턴 AVN시스템 디자인

2004 PONTUS_시판 3.5인치 네비게이션 디자인
2004 카네비게이션 디자인 GUI에 관한 연구

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